Terms & Conditions La Cabina 2018.




The Terms and Conditions of the 11th Medium-Length International Film Festival LA CABINA, taking place in Valencia (Spain) between the 14th and the 24th November 2018 are as follow:

FIRST: Participants

Every person being an individual or a corporate body can participate in the festival wherever his or her legal or particular domicile is, without having to be registered in Spain.

LA CABINA  Medium-Length International Film Festival has two competitive programmes:

1.- Official Section 

Any fiction film (live action or animation) with a running time comprised between 30 and 60 minutes inclusive and produced after the 1st of January 2015 can participate in the contest.

Each director or producer can enter a maximum of two medium-length films.

2.- Amalgama

Non-fiction, experimental, avant-garde, video art, video clip, creative documentary and other similar formats will be admitted (excluding reports) with a running time comprised between 30 and 60 minutes inclusive and produced after the 1st of January 2015 can participate in the contest.

Each director or producer can enter a maximum of two medium-length films.


The individuals or corporate entities willing to participate in the festival must entry the film online www.lacabina.es and send the films by festhome.com.

All medium-lengths must have English subtitles.

Important: the deadline for submissions is the 15th of June 2018.

THIRD: Technical features

The films must have a running time between 30 and 60 minutes.

Once the final selection of the films participating in the festival is published (Official Section and Amalgama), the selected medium-length films must also send the following documents:

• Medium-Length Film in a digital format. It must be high quality to be screened in big screen (between 1 and 4 GB). SUBTITLES SHOULD NOT BE EMBEDDED. Any of the following formats are accepted:

File with the following specifications:*

a. Format: .Mov, Codec: Apple Prores

b. Format: .Mov/Mp4, Codec: H.264

c. Resolution: 2K, 1080p, 720p.

d. Standard Frame Rate: 24, 25 fps.

e. Sound: PCM stereo or Dolby Digital 5.1 (AC3, AAC, minimum 480 bit rate)

*If any specification could not be accomplished, please contact the festival (international@lacabina.es)

Trailer of the medium-length film in high quality digital format

Script or dialogue list in English, French or Spanish

• A file with English subtitles (if the film was not shot in English)

Pictures (3 minimum) and poster of the medium-length film in high quality digital format (300 ppp)

FOURTH: Screening Process and Contest

The organization of the festival will appoint a Selection Committee that will perform the selection process of the medium-length films entering for competition.

The final selection of the medium-length films participating in the festival will be published in July 2018 on our website (www.lacabina.es) and in our social media.

No financial compensation will be given as public performance rights or under any other concept for the screenings scheduled during the Festival.

Each one of the selected medium-length films will be screened twice during the festival. The organization will settle the screening schedule undertaking to screen the films only in the context of the festival.

The authors of the medium-length films participating in the contest give permission to the organization to use parts of the films for promotional purposes.

The authors of the awarded medium-length films give permission to the organization to screen the films in future festival editions or screenings.

The shipment fee of the films and the attached documentation will be fully covered by the participants.

Once a medium-length film has been selected to participate in the festival, it cannot be withdrawn before its last screening. If the Festival is modified or cancelled for any reason beyond the organization, the Festival will inform the producers and distributors in advance.

FIFTH: Prize

LA CABINA offers:

-Official Section: 1.000 € Best Fiction Medium-Length Film

-Amalgama: 400 € Best Medium-Length Film

The economic amount is subject to the deductions established by the current law that will be withheld when the prize is presented.

LA CABINA establishes other seven Official Section awards:

• Best Actor in a Leading Role

• Best Actress in a Leading Role

• Best Screenplay

• Best Directing

• Best Cinematography

• Best Music

• Audience Award

  • Best Poster design

The medium-length films awarded winners in this contest are bound to display the logo and caption provided by the organization of the festival in all its advertising.

Once the list of winners has been published, the film producers must send the organization their bank account information for the cash deposit of the prize amount. The deadline to receive this information is one year. If this information is not given before the deadline, the producer will lose all claims to the prize money.


The Official Jury consisting of different professionals related to the cinematographic world will be in charge of the awards.

The decisions taken by both the Selection Committee and the Official Jury will be indisputable.

SEVENTH: Terms and Conditions

Acceptance The entry in this contest entails the acceptance of all the terms and conditions. The Organization is entitled to change the dates of the festival. Once a medium-length film is selected the Festival must receive the required materials before the settled deadline; if these are not received in time, the Festival reserves the right to withdraw the film from the Official Selection.