Graphic design has been a fundamental section of the festival since its inception. Every year, La Cabina has supported an innovative and disruptive graphic image, where illustrators, artists or designers confront the challenge of having to represent the essence of the festival in poster format.

Join us in the journey to visit the different pieces created from 2008 until this edition and the authors who generated La Cabina posters, visual references in the Film Festival panorama.

15th edition – La Cabina (2022) poster– Author: Luna Pan

Luna Pan (1994), based in Valencia, works as a freelance illustrator for sectors such as the press, publishing and posters, both nationally and internationally. In her spare time and for the “love of art”, she also self-publishes fanzines. The scene that the designer wanted to represent for La Cabina is a costumbrist image that portrays “The invisible work behind the production of a project -in this case, a film festival project- that has a strong public vocation and offers a leisure service that is only possible by combining communication, collaboration, teamwork and a lot of enthusiasm”, Luna Pan.

14th edition – La Cabina (2021) poster– Author: Jaume Mora

Jaume Mora (València, 1995) graduated in illustration at Alcoi’s EASD (School of Art & Design), he has a versatile style that has allowed him to create different types of work, having specialized in editorial illustration for press and in poster design. “The poster was born from a process of sketching, trying to work on color and compositional references. I also reviewed previous editions’ posters to not repeat something that had already been done.” From there, three sketches were selected, and one was singled out that “changed a lot until it became what the poster currently is.” “The characters were picked from a large library I have of characters drawn in various sketchbooks, I chose those that had to be part of the poster”, Jaume Mora.

Cartel La Cabina 2021

13th edition – La Cabina (2020) poster– Author: Ada Diez

cartel la cabina 2020

Illustrator Ada Diez explains how the poster breaks the fourth wall to transform the audience into an accomplice (represented by the central figure), displaying the relevance of the points of view that drive the narrative to the depths of the work of art “based on a great variety of classic and contemporary medium-length films.” Additionally, what couldn’t be missing were the “small details referring the passing of time, which are essential in this festival”.

12th edition La Cabina (2019) poster – Author: Ausias Pérez

Renown Valencian artist Ausias Pérez, creator of artwork for artists such as Rosalía, Nathy Peluso and Los Chikos del Maíz, has created two versions of the poster in which the architecture of the main festival headquarters takes the limelight: the Filmoteca of València and the Centre Cultural La Nau. Alluding to the romanticism involved in the act of visiting a cinema, Ausias Pérez incorporates nighttime and buildings as playful elements in his posters.

11th edition La Cabina (2018) poster – Author: César Sebastián

An narrative image which offers a certain mysterious cinematographic reminiscence represents the work of  César Sebastián, Valencian cartoonist, illustrator and designer. His trajectory is shaped by his work as an illustrator for album and book covers, posters and advertising storyboards, with renown clients such as Le Monde Diplomatique Spain, El País, Amazon Studios, Norma Editorial and DC Comics. As a cartoonist he has published several anthologies in Spain and the US, and as a designer he is in charge of the branding of El Nadir publishing house.

cartel la cabina 2018

10th edition La Cabina (2017) poster – Authors: Cachete Jack

cartel la cabina 2017

With energy, irony and a lot of color, the artistic duo Cachetejack formed by Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul were in charge of the poster of the tenth edition of the festival. Inspired by the festivity that it means to celebrate a tenth anniversary, the poster displayed a piece full of character which honored the seventh art. The duo of illustrators works in several formats, their work has visited numerous countries in Europe and has been published in renown media such as The New York Times and The New Yorker.

9th edition La Cabina (2016) poster – Author: Lawerta

“The idea of the poster was to represent, using the medium-length film imagery, that inside of the phone booth of La Cabina there is something magical that is awesome and difficult to explain. López Vázquez is inside of the phone booth, but instead of being stressed and anxious for not being able to come out, he is actually delighted to be inside of the booth enjoying himself”, comments renown illustrator and designer Lawerta (València, 1983). His work displays unique pieces where typography and pop-style portraits with a distinctive personality merge together. Lawerta has worked with local and international agencies, from CuldeSac to GlobalWorks.

cartel la cabina 2016

8th edition La Cabina (2015) poster – Author: Escif

Urban artist Escif determined the character of the image of the eight edition of the festival, moving from his best known canvas, the walls of the city, to paper in a poster format. His work symbolized the medium-length film as a pony, adding his signature style to this collaboration, a style which has permeated Valencia and other international cities.

7th edition La Cabina (2014) poster – Author: Luis Demano

The iconic image of the red telephone booth returns in 2014 to the festival poster and it comes at the hand of Luis Demano. This illustrator works from the creation of personal universes that shift from punk fanzines to children’s illustration. We can enjoy his work in media such as La Marea, Gràffica, El Mundo, and ABC, where he mostly presents illustrations in different styles.

6th edition La Cabina (2013) poster – Author: Paula Bonet

cartel la cabina 2013

Artist Paula Bonet was in charge of giving life to the graphic presence of the 6th edition of La Cabina with a reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland, introducing time and clocks as a didactical element of medium-length films. Paula Bonet’s work has been exhibited in numerous cities, such as Barcelona, Oporto, Paris, London, Brussels, Berlin, Santiago de Chile and Miami. Her artistic vision is presented in diverse multifaceted formats: from illustration to engraving and oil painting, from written poetry to performance.

5th edition La Cabina (2012) poster – Author: Carla Fuentes

Preserving the allusion of time, illustrator Carla Fuentes was in charge of the image of the festival in 2012. The sketched hands which discreetly touch each other in time covered the walls of the entire city of València. The illustrator, who has previously worked under the moniker Littleisdrawing, has worked with globally renown brands such as Absolut, Bimba& Lola, Honda, Women’s Secret, Rochas, Nike, Coca-Cola, and Shiseido, among others, and has developed promotional materials for music bands such as Polock, Russian Red, The Strange Boys and Las Robertas. Her selection as one of the authors in the 2014 book Taschen Illustration Now 5 should also be highlighted.

cartel la cabina 2012

4th edition La Cabina (2011) poster – Author: Estudio Menta

For the fourth edition of La Cabina, the design and visual communication studio Estudio Menta created four posters to generate a focus that would not only advertise the festival, but also connect it to its main goal: the promotion of the medium-length film format. With the idea of having “time enough”, the posters present typographical references to classical film genres.

cartel la cabina 2011
cartel 2011 la cabina
cartel la cabina estudio menta
cartel festival 2011

3rd edition La Cabina (2010) poster – Author: Gloria Vilches

cartel la cabina 2010

Valencian artist Gloria Vilches combines her artistic work focused on collage with cultural management, production and programming in the specific fields of avant-garde, experimental and artistic cinema. In 2013 she published her compilation ¡Ay de mí! and she collaborates with several media with the illustration technique that is incorporated in the 2010 poster for La Cabina.

2nd edition La Cabina (2009) poster – Author: Julia Valencia

The 2009 poster was created by Julia Valencia (Cádiz, 1981) and her creation introduced the logo of the festival, a circular stamp that can mark all of the settings it appears on. Julia Valencia is a multifaceted creator, working in the fields of art direction, design, illustration and stage design.

cartel la cabina 2009

1st edition La Cabina (2008) poster – Author: Mireia Pérez

cartel la cabina 2008

The author of the first poster of La Cabina is a Valencian illustrator and comic drawer. She has won the Cómic Injuve Award and the International Graphic Novel Award Fnac-Sins Entido. She has been a regular collaborator in Spanish publications, including magazines such as El Manglar, El Jueves and her own publication La muchacha Salvaje. During 2008, Mireia Pérez was starting her career as a strip cartoonist and, for her poster, she created an allegory of medium-length film La Cabina by Antonio Mercero.


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