Edwina Liard (Official Section)

She started to work in the movie industry in 2007 as a production assistant. Then moved to Valencia, Spain, in 2009. There she’s had the opportunity to work for The International Medium Length Film Festival La Cabina as an International Relations manager, and as a member of the official competition selection committee. These experiences have led her in 2011 to create Ikki Films with Nidia Santiago in Paris, France. She also gives film production classes and is a reader for several French film fund committees.

Alexia Guillot (Official Section)

Gestora cultural y responsable del podcast sobre cine y festivales Las Entendidas junto a Adriana Cabeza. Con una amplia trayectoria en la producción de eventos, producciones y exposiciones relacionadas con la industria cinematográfica, su experiencia se ve enriquecida por la concurrente asistencia a los festivales de cine más importantes a nivel europeo. Se unió al equipo de La Cabina en 2015 y actualmente realiza tareas de producción, protocolo y tráfico de copias.

Manuel López (Official Section)

Degree in Advertising and Public Relations by the Jaume I University of Castelló de la Plana. He joined La Cabina’s team in the IV edition and joined the Festival Selection Committee in 2014. He has combined graphic design studies with works in cultural and tourism industries and some international filming.

Áurea Ortiz (Amalgama)

Technical manager of the Programing Department of the Filmoteca de València and associate professor of the History of Art Department of the University of València, Áurea is the author of books “Del castillo al plató. 50 miradas de cine sobre la Edad Media” (From the castle to the set. 50 filmic views on the Middle Ages) and “La pintura en el cine: Cuestiones de representación visual” (Paintings in cinema: issues of visual representations), numerous articles in specialized journals, and chapters in collective books. Among her research topics, developed in publications, congresses and exhibits, she highlights the relationship between cinema and the arts, the history of photography, and the representation of women in the arts and audiovisual media.

Santiago Barrachina seleccion La Cabina

Santiago Barrachina (Amalgama)

València, 1979. Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Valencia. He has been a collaborator in the Cinema classroom of the University of Valencia, coordinator of the Atalante, Magazine of Cinematographic Studies and has worked at the Ricardo Suay Valencian Institute of Cinematography (IVAC- La Filmoteca). Since 2002 he has been coordinator and announcer of the cultural magazine of Radio Klara Café con Vistas, in addition to having been a documentary maker for the documentary series Homenajes y Valientes, for À Punt Mèdia. At present, he continues to collaborate with the film archive of the Valencian Institute of Culture (IVC), as well as doing documentation work for series and documentaries.

Irene Liberia Vayá (Amalgama)

Manager of the Observatori Cultural of the University of València. She has completed a PhD with International Mention by the University of Sevilla, an MA in Culture and Communication by the same university and has a BA in Audiovisual Communication and Humanities by the University of València. She has published in peer reviewed journals and, since 2012, is part of the research group AdMIRA: ‘Análisis de Medios, Imágenes y Relatos Audiovisuales en su Historia para el Cambio Social’ (Analysis of Media, Images and Audiovisual Storytelling in History for Social Change’). She belongs to the INAV Network (Latin American Network for Research in Audiovisual Narrative) and participates in I+D+i ‘Desplazamientos, emergencias y nuevos sujetos sociales en el cine español (1996-2011)’ (Displacements, emergencies and new social subjects in Spanish film (1996-1022), by the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Sevilla. She has recently edited the collective book Aquelarre. La emancipación de las mujeres en la cultura de masas (Coven. The Emancipation of Women in Mass Culture. Advook, 2020).

Irene Cubells (Inèdits)

Degree in Art History, Irene works as cultural manager in many fields; the distribution of short films through the Valencian company Some Like It Short, and with 6 years’ experience in the promotion of the IVAC’s Curts Comunitat Valenciana catalog. Director of the festival La Ruta Más Corta, which every year celebrates the International Short Film Day in different neighborhoods of the city of València. In La Cabina Festival, she selects the medium-length films projected in the Inèdits Section since 2013.

Alicia Garrido (Fashion Films y AulaCabina)

Cultural agent who has developed her work mostly as Head of Production in festivals, concerts, film projects and advertisements. She is the Production Manager of Trueno Rayo Fest and has participated in the production of events such as Palo Alto Market Fest, Festival Deleste and Vinilo València. Additionally, she fosters a strong tie with the contemporary art and fashion scenes in València.

Patricia Moreno Barberá (Fashion Films)

Journalist specialized in fashion and culture, communication strategy and copywriting with experience in teaching since 2018, she is also the co-founder of Somos unas exageradas, a project advising companies, institutions and brands on feminism and diversity. She has given talks and participated or moderated round tables in universities and cultural centers in different parts of Spain since 2011.

She has a degree in Journalism and Advertising from the CEU Cardenal Herrera University, for seven years she developed her career in Madrid, in Telva and Vogue magazines, in both cases with experience in digital and printed editions. At Vogue, for a year, she was part of the online newsroom New Conversations department, recommending to the team on how to deal with issues like feminism, sustainability and diversity. She currently lives in Valencia, where she works as a freelance for Vogue.es, the creative studio Signne (formerly CuldeSac Experience) and different fashion firms, in addition to directing the Master Fashion Now – Fashion Communication and Marketing in Barreira A + D .