Since the year 2008, the International Medium-length Film Festival La Cabina brings the best 30 to 60 minute cinema to the city of València.

The Festival has been continuously celebrated since its inception, growing in sections, activities and international impact.

mediometrajes la cabina

A pioneering festival in giving visibility to the medium-length format in the film industry

La Cabina offers three different medium-length sections: Official Section, including fiction films; Amalgama, including non-fiction and new filmic language movies, and Inédits, including medium-length films recovered from the past. Additionally, it offers Visuals, a meeting point for live music and audiovisual projections.

La Cabina presents a young, fresh and innovative festival with a diverse audience that has become established in the city of València year after year. Following new trends in cinematographic culture, La Cabina stands out due to its sustainable growth, distinct dynamism and a qualitative development.

We are not just another film festival

Medium-length films: 30 to 60 minutes

The global production of films in this format is numerous and offers great quality. However, being half-way between the short film and the feature film format, medium-length films have hardly found a space in film festivals.

La Cabina has given notoriety to a format which, as we’ve demonstrated thus far, boasts a production with a quality comparable to the Official Section of any prestigious film festival. For this reason, and as a pioneer in these types of festivals in Spain, La Cabina has consolidated the city of Valencia as the international headquarters for medium-length films.

La Cabina by Antonio Mercero

The festival takes its name from the medium-length film by Antonio Mercero (La Cabina, 1972), in which the actor José Luis López Vázquez becomes trapped inside a phone booth.

The medium-length film La Cabina has been widely recognized in the audiovisual sector, having been awarded the International Emmy Award for the best TV movie and the Fotograma de Plata for best television actor for the main performer in 1973.

The 30 to 60 minute Film Festival La Cabina pays homage to Antonio Mercero’s creation every edition.

La Cabina de Antonio Mercero

La Cabina is celebrated thanks to the collaboration and support of public and private institutions.