Antonio Gairo is the only survivor of a vast 1964 nuclear disaster. It took place in Alos, a small village in the center of Sardinia, transforming it into a ghost town. Antonio suddenly recovers his long lost memory and tells the story of life in Alos before the accident; reconstructing with great detail the circumstances that built up to the tragedy. A hybrid between fiction, film and literature, the movie narrates, with the help of extensive archive material, the fatal step that a small shepherds’ town takes towards progress during the 1950s.

I morti di Alos (Daniele Atzeni, 2011)

Daniele Atzeni is the director of this 31 minute long film. In The Dead of Alos (I morti di Alos) he combines the classic iconography of Sardinia with atmospheres and evocations of the gothic genre. 29 year old Atzeni graduated in Film Direction by Nuova Università del Cinema e della TV de Roma. He worked as a production and directors’ assistant in several short films and TV productions before directing his first documentary, Racconti dal sottosuolo (2002). In 2009 he founded his own production company, Araj Film.

The Dead of Alos was the only Italian film selected to participate in the 2012 edition of Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

The Dead of Alos is one of the films selected for the Official Section of the 5th Edition of Valencia’s International Half-length Film Festival ‘La Cabina’.