Monette is thirteen years old and is living her first life crisis. It has nothing to do with dealing with adults, though, or any typical adolescent problems. Monette doesn’t realize, but she’s turned into another victim of the economic world order and needs money. To get it, she’ll come up with a dangerous plan in which she’ll try to auction off her virginity through the internet.

Augen Zu (Julia Ziesche, 2011)

Julia Ziesche is the director of this 53 minute long film. After graduating from Baden’s Filmakademie she directed two short films, Louis Elephantenherz (2007) and Das Blaue von Himmel (2010), before directing Eyes Shut (Augen Zu). About her half-length film she says ‘it’s like life itself: comical and tragic at a time. ‘An ordinary story’. For the main actress, Runa Greiner, giving life to the leading character, Monette, was her debut. It has opened doors to an acting career and she is now recording a TV movie for German television that will air next year.

Eyes Shut is the story of a girl that is shaken by the turbulences of the world economic system and will try, with all her means, that her family balance is not affected by them.

Closed Eyes Shut is one of the films selected for the Official Section of the 5th Edition of Valencia’s International Half-length Film Festival ‘La Cabina’.

Augen Zu (Julia Ziesche, 2011) from Festival La Cabina on Vimeo.