Zodiac (Konstantina Kotzamani, 2011)

Peter lives in a small room with his heroin addict mother, in a miserable grey pension full of prostitutes and drug addicts. One day, his mother mysteriously disappears and leaves Giota in charge of him. Giota is a transsexual and can’t do much to protect Peter from the world around him. It won’t take Peter long to discover that Giota is not a woman, but Giota will teach him how crude reality can be outside the pension doors.

Konstantina Kotzamani studied at the Film School in Thessalonica. Her short films have competed in several international festivals, such as Clermont Ferrand. Her movie Arundel (2012) was financed by the Greek National Federation as part of the Mikrofilm program. In 2012 she participated as a novel director in the Berlinale Talent Campus. Zodiac (2012) was awarded Best Actress at the International Movie Festival of Lucania and has been screened in several European competitions.

Zodiac is one of the films selected for the Official Section of the 5th Edition of Valencia’s International Half-length Film Festival ‘La Cabina’.