Filmoteca: Saturday 18 (18:00) | Thursday 23 (20:00)


Kiryu City is located in Gunma prefecture, where the textile industry was once popular. Kohei, who is a textile craftsman at a deserted weaving factory, encountered the local underground idol “Meme Tan” and he is gradually addicted to her charm. He regains the feelings he forgot… A concentrated 30 – minute love story of a middle – aged man and his agonizing romantic feelings for her progress with the song “wonderland” of the underground idol. What is waiting for the serious textile craftsman’s “Gachi love” and where it “falls”!?


Japan · 2017 · 30 min.


Kazuya Murayama


Makoto Nakamura, Megumi Nishikiori, Jun Furukawa, Masahiro Kaneko, Akihito Mizui, Rin Suzukake.