Official Section – La Filmoteca – Saturday 23 (18:00)

Frame Braquer Poitiers


Nickel plated feet more than bandits, Francis and Thomas kidnap Wilfrid, the owner of a carwash business, source of a few fistfuls of euros a day. With Stockholm Syndrome at work for Wilfrid, in his own highly personal way, he enjoys the situation and theorizes about it, while uncertainty takes hold of the two buddies whose girlfriends have come to join them from the South.

Ficha técnica

France / 2018 / 59 min / Color


Claude Schmitz


Wilfrid Ameuille, Bilal Aya, Marc Barbe, Hélène Bressiant, Thomas Depas, Lucie Guien, Francis Soetens, Olivier Zanotti