Amalgama Section – La Nau – Tuesday 26 (19:30)

Frame Makun


Immigration Detention Centers (IDCs) are prisons for the innocent, and that is why our governments hide them from us. Having been able to document thousands of drawings on the walls of one of these IDCs (in the Canary Islands), MAKUN narrates several stories about dreams (a better life) and nightmares (dangerous journeys and confinement in IDCs upon arrival to Europe), by animating the drawings made by hundreds of anonymous hands and adding the testimony of three immigrant and Human Rights activists.


Spain / 2019 / 30 min / Animation


Emilio Martí López


Animación: Emilio Martí, Cristina Valero, Marina Álvarez, Mar Silvestre, Thimbo Samb, Mor Diagne, Vivian Ntih