Official Section – La Filmoteca – Saturday 23 – 19:30

Frame Shut Up Haters


A death in the family brings aspiring musician Maya back to her childhood home in the far north of Sweden. A place of midnight sun, with Finland on the other side of the river and where people speak a language of their own. Maya’s sister Sofia and her boyfriend Johan are leaving for a road trip along the Swedish/Finnish border after the funeral and Maya decides to tag along. It becomes a journey where questions about their identity and future are put to the test.


Sweden / 2019 / 45 min / Color


Jon Blåhed


Malin Buska, Irma von Platen, Johan Airijoki, Erling Fredriksson, Tuulikki Jauhojärvi, Pär Andersson, Adam Huuva, Lena P. Cederlund