France / 2020 / 32 min / Color



Somewhere in the red desert of Utah the Mars Desert Research Station is located. This space analog facility hosts groups of scientists, researchers and space enthusiasts. Five strangers deliberately confine themselves together for two weeks to experience the « Martian life ». They end up questioning not only the future of humanity and space exploration but also their own fears and dreams.

Thursday 12 – 19:00 H – Cine Unió Musical Llìria
Thursday 19 – 18:00 H – La Nau
Thursday 19 – 20:00 H – Cine Tivoli Burjassot

Evgenia Alexandrova

Born in 1988 in Russia, Evgenia Alexandrova first studied management at the Saint  Petersburg State University, from which she graduated in 2009. She then moved to Paris  where she completed a Master’s degree at ESSEC. After completing her studies in Management, Evgenia Alexandrova decided to enter the film  industry. She joined the FEMIS, image section, in 2012. After many films as a  cinematographer, she directed a documentary in 2016, “Svalbard”, her graduation film. She  then directed “Le Retrait des Troupes” in 2017, produced by the FEMIS.

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