On Friday September 11th, La Cabina will celebrate its first Presentation Party to face the 8th festival’s edition.

It will be at Centro de Creación Contemporánea Las Naves, where the presentation of the 8th Edition’s poster will take place, created by the street artist Escif. One of the medium-length films that will be part of this edition’s Official Section: Keeping up with the Joneses – by British filmmaker Michael Pearce- will be premiered during the event. In addition to this, the renowed medium-length film that opened La Cabina’s 6th Edition will be also screened: Finnish film Korsoteoria. The session will end with the infallible Mediometrash, by the Cinemascupe trio.

The party will be complemented with a session by DJ_Plaktom.

Las Naves – C/ Juan Verdeguer, 16. Valencia

Entrance ticket: 5 euros

Cartel Primera Fiesta 2015