On Friday September 9 La Cabina organizes his first party of the 9th edition of the festival, which will take place from 3 to 13 November in Valencia.

The party will be in Las Naves from 20.30 ( doors open at 20 h ) , and attendees will see exclusive premiere of one of one medium-length film that will be part of the Official Selection of this edition: Haramiste , by Antoine Desrosières . Also The German medium-length film Hochhaus ( Nikias Chryssos , 2006 ), winner of the 1st edition of La Cabina, will be screened, and the session will end with a new Mediometrash by the trio Cinemascupe .

The party will be completed with a session by DJ_Plaktom.

Las Naves – C / Juan Verdeguer , 16. Valencia

Tickets: 5 euros ( only on sale at the ticket window ).