Hélène Vayssières studied Film at the Paris 8 University and at the Free Conservatory of French Film. She has been the assistant director and assistant producer in several filmings and has directed a short-film. In 1991 she became the post-production manager of several program units of La Sept Arte (Shows, Fiction, Documentary, Theme Nights and Film). From 1996 onwards she has also been responsible for the selection of short-films and medium-length films at ARTE France, where she has developed five series of animation and fiction short and medium-length films (Silex and the city, La minute vieille, Portraits de voyages, Juliette génération 7.0 y H-man).

She has also been a founding member of Court-Circuit magazine and the ARTE program of short-circuits (2001), as well as having established the communitarian and interactive platform Court-Circuit web (2007) and developed the collection “Pocket cameras” of short-films shot with cell phones (2008). In 2010 she created and association with Arte France and the CEEA to develop a short-film writing workshop.