Javier Tolentino graduated in Communication Science from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and has studied Law at the Salamanca University. He didn’t complete his degree in legal sciences, because he spent most of his days in the Film Club of Serrano street where he realized that films had changed his life. He passed the exam to work as a journalist at the Public National Radio (RNE) where he directed some of the most charismatic news programs of the channel (Siete días, Informe Abierto, La Jornada, El Ciempiés). Early in his career he opted for cultural journalism and film information, and he became part of the most prestigious cultural program of the Spanish Radio, El ojo crítico, which has received all the most important awards in the Spanish Radio (Ondas, Premio Nacional, etc.).

He is the creator, founder and director of El otro cine posible (Radio 5), El árbol de las palabras (Radio Exterior de España) and El séptimo vicio (Radio 3). This latest on has been running for 17 years in the public radio and has received over a hundred awards, including the Critic’s Choice Award, the Career Award at the San Sebastian Film Festival, the Puente de Toledo de Madrid, and the Versión Original Award, given by the readers of this well known publication.