Sergio Caballero is a film, theatre and television actor. He started his career in the street theatre company Visitants (1994-96). In 1997 he started working in theatre, collaborating with companies such as Albena Teatre, La Pavana, Moma Teatre, Teatre Micalet, Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana (TGV), Bambalina Titelles, Zircó Producciones, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC) and CulturArts Generalitat Valenciana, and directors such as Carles Alfaro, Carles Alberola and Rafa Calatayud, among others. He has worked in several starring roles in TV series in CANAL 9, TELE 5, ANTENA 3 and TV3, where he is currently part of La Riera.

He started working as a Director in 1996, as part of Curiola Teatre; initially being self-taught and subsequently working with several of his production’s directors. He has directed diverse theatre productions: ‘FET’ with Des-esperant (2011), ‘Dramaturgia 2000’ with Jaleo (2012), ‘5-2=3’ (2014) with MP-GH, ‘El oso se aburre’ (2014) with Micro Teatro Valencia and ‘La vuelta a la tortilla’ (2014) with NaranjayRojo.