This year, before La Cabina Festival’s official opening, we have organized a very special screening to warm things up for the 9th of November.

This is why we invite you to join us on Thursday, the 8th of November, to celebrate ‘La Cabina: Day 0’. It is an event organized by La Cabina in collaboration with The Public Library of Valencia and Rivendel Restobar. From 8.00pm on, a double screening will be taking place outdoors, in front of the Library: two silent medium-length films will be accompanied by live music. Both pieces have been composed exclusively for the screening and will be performed by two professional music groups; Tango Nuevo duo and several students at Berklee College of Music Valencia.

The first medium-length film will be La Cabina (Antonio Mercero, 1972); movie that gives name to our festival. The second film will be Crumbs (Pierre Pinaud, 2008), which won the Best Actress award in La Cabina Festival’s 2009 edition.

You can reserve your spot at Rivendel Restobar (c/ Hospital 18, in front of the Library) for only 3€, choosing which seat you want to enjoy the show from.