Where does the Festival La Cabina 2021 take place?

The festival La Cabina’a main headquarters are La Filmoteca and the Centre Cultural La Nau.

When is the Festival celebrated?

The 13th edition of La Cabina is celebrated from the 9 to the 19 of November 2021, in València.

Where are the Official Section medium-length films screened?

The Official Section medium-length films are screened at the Filmoteca of València.

Where are the Amalgama medium-length films screened?

The Amalgama medium-length films are screened at the Centre Cultural La Nau.

Where are the Inèdits medium-length films screened?

The Inèdits medium-length films are screened at the Filmoteca.

Where can I purchase tickets to watch the films?

The Official Section and the Inèdits section tickets can be acquired at the box office of La Filmoteca and in this link.

The tickets for Amalgama can only be acquired at this link.

I would like to cover the festival. How can I request my accreditation?

You must fill in and submit the form located on the Accreditations section of our website.

I work for accredited media. How can I obtain my entrance tickets?

As a safety measure and to control the venues’ capacities, you must pass by the box office of each location and pick up your entrance ticket before each session.

Carne Cruda. What is it? When and where does it take place? How can I attend and how can I listen to it?

Carne Cruda is a radio program directed and presented by journalist Javier Gallego since 2009. It will be broadcast on November 11h at 8.00pm from La Mutant, as part of the celebration of the 13th Edition of La Cabina.

Entrance is free of charge and requires online reservation.

What are the protocols and safety measures implemented due to COVID-19?

We kindly request you respect all indications about safety measures either posted in print or indicated by the venue staff, they are in the interest of the general health.

Additionally, you can access the documentation published by the Universitat de València.