Paweł Burak is a very frustrated Theology student, incapable of seeing the positive side of life because he doesn’t have a girlfriend, money or any idea of what to do with his future. On top of that, his parents hate each other and are about to file for divorce. His life is a mess. One day, after meeting a young girl, things start to look better. Scared about how things have changed, Paweł loses the control of his life and decides start a war against an oppressive reality.

128. Szczur (Jakub Paczek, 2013)

The 128th Rat (128.SZCZUR) is a black-humor comedy about staying away from the rat race, and a wry confirmation that only idiots are capable of true happiness.

Jakub Paczek, director of this 30-minute long film, graduated from the Krzysztof Kieślowski in Katowice (Poland) and from The Pontifical Academy of Theology of Krakow, specializing in History. He has directed several short-films, such as The Washing Machine, Rolls of Identity and Buro. He has also worked as an assistant director and is currently writing the script for his first feature film.

The 128th Rat is part of the Official Selection of the 7th edition of International Medium-length Film Festival La Cabina that will take place from the 6th to the 16th of November in the Filmoteca de Valencia.

THE 128th RAT (128. SZCZUR) | Jakub Paczek · Comedy · Poland · 2013 · 30 min