On a rainy night, Przemek the hamster falls out of one of the windows of an old building. The loving owners of Przemek, Mrs. María and Mr. Wenceslao find the dying hamster and decide to take it to the town vet, that promises to save its life. This small tragedy becomes the trigger of a series of events that will change the calm life of this small community.

Chomik, by Bartek Ignaziuk is a story that follows the sytle of Delicatessen or El milagro de P-Tinto, feature films packed with a delightul decadence, strange charactes and absurd situations. But this short half-length film includes a touch of the old Poland, with its cracked and ash grey building, that doesn’t loose its sense of humour.

Bartek Ignaziuk graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Gdansk (Poland) specializing in Illustration and Design. Since 2003 he has directed several advertisements. In 2009 he directed the Polish adaptation of British series Cold Feet. His videoclip for Kora’s song Hide and Seek won the Best Musical Video Award at Camcreimage’s 2010 edition. Chomik participated in the Short Film Corner of Cannes 2012.

How would The Chaos Theory work out if we changed the buttefly for a hamster? Chomik has your answer. Don’t miss the next edition of the International Half-Length Film Festival La Cabina that will be taking place from the 8th to the 17th of November 2013.

CHOMIK | Bartek Ignaciuk · Poland · 2012 · 30 min