A local Macedonian tale tells the story of Marshal Tito’s private villa, in Ohrid, where a different menu was prepared daily in case he ever visited this summer residence without prior warning. Everything was scrupulously arranged for his arrival and the villa service staff awaited the communist leader with the table set. Under no circumstances was anybody allowed to try anything that was cooked for the Marshal.

Éclair (Sekoj den mora da se jade), by Marko Gjokovic, takes place in the month of May 1980. Every day at the Biljana villa is exactly the same as the previous one: what if today is the day the Marshal arrives? The entire service is ready for the visit. Delicious dishes are cooked in the kitchens; meals which probably no one will ever try. The table is ready and the smell of meat, fruit and spices travels throughout the house, under the strict vigilant gaze of Tito, who watches his employees from a portrait hanging on the living room wall. Young Marco, the cook’s son, wanders back and forth and the Chief Security Officer, who has brought his own daughter Ana, examines every nook and cranny in depth, making sure everything has been taken care of. The servants make sure very last detail has been revised, it’s not like one receives Marshal Tito everyday – and probably today won’t be that day either.

Marko Gjokovic was born in Skopje, Poland, in 1984. In 2004 he started his degree in Film Direction at the European Film College in Denmark. Two years later he entered the Dramatic Art College in Skopje. He is currently studying a postgraduate degree in Film Direction.

Éclair is part of the Official Section of the 9th Edition of the International Medium-length Film Festival La Cabina, which will take place Valencia, from the 3rd to the 13th of November.