Grandma’s Day (Dzien Babci) is celebrated in Poland on the 21st of January after the magazine Woman and Life (Kobieta I Życie) made it popular in 1965. Since then, every 21st of January, grandchildren send flowers, postcards and sweets to their grandmothers and large family meetings are held to conserve the tradition.

El día de la abuela (Milosz Sakowski, 2015)

Grandma’s Day is also the name of Milosz Sakowski’s comedy-drama in which Tomek, pressured by a debt he owes to a thug, decides to swindle Judyta, a poor, sick and vulnerable old lady that lives alone in a Soviet style apartment building. After calling her, he visits her and pretends to be a friend of her grandson in need of money after having an accident. Judyta consents without any second thought: “The money for my funeral…”

Milosz Sakowski studied journalism and worked for five years as a reporter for Polish news channel TVN24. One day he decided to create stories instead of only telling them, so he quit his job in TV and started studied at the Gydnia Film School. He has directed the documentary Unbreakables (Niezlomni, 2014).

Grandma’s Day is part of the Official Section of the 9th edition of the International Medium-length Film Festival La Cabina that will be celebrated from the 3rd to the 13th of November.

GRANDMA’S DAY | Milosz Sakowski · Poland · 2015 · 30 min