Poland. The communist regime makes thousands of citizens choose exile in search of better opportunities. Anna is seven years old and her mother has decided to emigrate, taking her and her sister Agnieszka to Occidental Germany to reunite with her husband. Anna thinks that what awaits her there are glittering automatic candy machines and a great big room that she will no longer have to share with her sister. For her, the trip is a mysterious adventure to an unknown country. For her mom, however, it will mean the reunion with a husband she hasn’t seen in over two years, and she knows it won’t be an easy trip. Anna’s family sees this escape as a sort of treason to their country and loved ones. But the social and political situation in Poland has become insecure for many.

Fremde Farben (Kamilla Kuczynski, 2013)

In Strange Colors (Fremde Farben), Kamilla Kuczynski (1976), a Polish actress, debuts as the director of this thirty-minute film showing the viewers a small part of Polish history through the eyes of a child.

Strange Colors received an award at the Max Ophüls Film Festival and will be part of the Official Selection of the International Medium-length Film Festival La Cabina that will take place the coming month of November in the city of Valencia.

STRANGE COLORS (FREMDE FARBEN) | Kamilla Kuczynski · Drama · Alemanya · 2013 · 30 min