At the end of the 18th Century, French troops are eradicating the last focal points of a nationalist insurgence in the mountains of Corsica. In the midst of the combats, a young laundress, who lives in an isolated house in the mountains with her parents, sees her life change when she decides to help a wounded man.

La terre brûlée (Julien Meynet, 2013)

The Burning Land (La terre brûlée) has no dialogues, but the images and imposing Corsican landscape together with Arvo Pärt’s soundtrack, make words unnecessary. This is a carefully woven film, where the frenzied escape of the laundress with the wounded insurgent is mixed with the images of soldiers looking for them like hound dogs, in every last corner.

Julien Meynet studied at the University of Corsica. He has directed documentary and fictional short-films since 2010. He works in Paris as an editor for several French television channels.

The Burning Land is part of the Official Selection of the International Medium-length Film Festival La Cabina, that will take place at the Filmoteca de Valencia from the 6th to the 16th of November.

THE BURNING LAND (LA TERRE BRULÉE) | Julien Meynet · Drama · France · 2013 · 30 min