A hold-up at a small betting house at the outskirts of the city can seem something easy for an experienced criminal, but for Mousse, the main character of this film, everything will get complicated due to his damn principles. The most important horse race is taking place and Mousse takes advantage of the chaos in the race track to put his plan into action. Everything will take an unexpected turn when the owner of the betting house and one of the house’s best clients, a stingy betting addict, become hostages when the police arrive. The roles will be reversed when an honest criminal uncovers the incompetent police corps, telling jokes through the megaphone while they wait for ‘kidnapper’ Mousse to make a decision.

Mousse points out the inefficiency of the established order and the police control from a comical and harsh point of view, ridiculing human nature and pushing it to its final consequences.

John Hellberg graduated from Stockholm’s Film Academy and continued his studies in History. He has directed several short-films such as Galetten, which received an award at the International Film Festival PLATAFORMA VIDEO8. He has also worked as a documentary editor in films like Children of Buena Vista for the Svenska Filminstitutet. He currently works as a director, producer and script writer for musical videos, as well as for films. The world premiere of half-length film Mousse took place at the Milano Film Festival, and it has participated in festivals such as Febiofest and the Short Film Corner of Cannes Festival. Here is the website of the film http://www.mousse.nu/.

Mousse is part of the Official Selection of its 6th Edition that will be celebrated in Valencia from the 8th to the 17th of November.

MOUSSE | Sweden • John Hellberg • 2012 • 40 min