Ze is fifty years old and works at the Port of Lisbon, where he loads and unloads containers from boats. Day after day he gazes resentfully at the boats he will never sail in. He has been secretly saving up some extra money that he makes at work to reach his dream: dumping his wife and traveling to Sweden in one of the luxurious cruisers he knows so well. Ze has already decided the day and time of his departure; but one day his wife finds his money and, when he gets back home from work, he discovers that she’s spent it all in a high-tech washing machine.

Ze’s character is portrayed by veteran theatre actor Jose Pedro Gomes who, almost unknown behind Ze’s face, manages to transmit the essence of an old port worker and his innocent phantasy, almost childlike, of travelling to Sweden in a cruise.

Ze represents the insatiable search for happiness, even after misfortune, poverty and death have long become old friends.

Basil da Cunha completed his studies at the Art Academy of Geneva. He has directed and self-produced several short-films and is also a member of  the Thera Production Association. His half-length film Os vivos tambem choram received an honorary mention by the jury of Prix Illy du Court métrage, during the Quinzaine des Realisateurs in France and was awarded at the Winterthur International Festival.

Half-length film Os vivos tambem choram will be screened at the 6th Edition of the International Half-Length Film Festival La Cabina as part of the Official Section. The Festival will be celebrated from the 8th to the 17th of November at the IVAM.

OS VIVOS TAMBEM CHORAM | Basil da Cunha · Switzerland-Portugal · 2012 · 30 min