A group of friends prepare their yearly trip to a small island, where they celebrate the Summer Solstice night. After many years of friendship, they all think they know each other, but Meike’s arrival to the group will make them see things differently. Like a buffoon than shows a mirror to all the members of the court to be reflected upon it, Meike point his accusing finger to all of the main characters of this story and questions the perfect lives of his new friends.

Midsummer night has the charm of fresh and spontaneous independent film making but is transformed slowly into a severe drama where its characters also change. Perhaps the purifying fire of a midsummer night is not enough to forget so many lies and misunderstandings…

This half-length film was recorded entirely in one day, in very unstable meteorological conditions, letting, nonetheless, the warm summer sun come into every scene in Midsummer night.

Director Hiba Vink studied Theatre, Film and TV at the University of Utrecht. Her first work was Ode Ober, short film that was screened in several festivals and won many awards.

Half-length film Midsummer night is part of the Official Section of the 6th International Half-Length Film Festival La Cabina that will take place in Valencia from the 8th to the 17th of November.