Roberto has just been retired due to his age and his accute diabetes. With his pension and severance pay he decides to learn how to drive and buys a red van to travel together with his wife Hilda, to whom he owes a trip of a lifetime to a town in which they both spent their youth, Taltal, in the Pacific coast of the Chilean desert.

Todo lo que no puedes dejar atrás (Nicolás Lasnibat, 2013)

Everything you can’t leave behind (Todo lo que no puedes dejar atrás) is a beautiful portrait of old age and an ode to the autumn of life and slowness as a way of movement. As it normally happens, the end of one chapter in your life implies the beggining of another, and with this Roberto with his red van starts an emotional roadtrip full of tenderness, going over all the different milestones of his life.

This beautiful story counts with the exquisit interpretation of Chilean actor Óscar Hernández as Roberto, well known for his work in theatre and TV and an active participant in Chilean politics, militant in the Comunist Pary.

After studying Social Communication in Santiago de Chile, Nicolás Lasnibat worked as a script writer and a movie critic. In 2002 he traveled to France to study Film Direction in the National Film School of Paris, La Fémis. He has directed several short films, among which Treinta Años deserves a special mention, premiering at the Mostra de Venezia   in 2006 and awarded as the Best Short Film  in the Festival de San Sebastián.

Everything you can’t leave behind is part of the Official Section of the 6th Edition of the International Half-Length Film Festival La Cabina.

TOUT CE QUE TU NE PEUX PAS LAISSER DERRIÈRE TOI | Nicolás Lasnibat · France-Chile · 2013 · 38 min