A series of egg-shaped objects have started to appear in the junk rooms and abandoned houses of a small rural area where Jose Luis lives with his grandfather. Scientists from all over the world are investigating the phenomenon and, for the time being, they all agree that the origin of these objects is extraterrestrial. Uranes is science fiction. Uranes is a family drama. Uranes is a thriller. Uranes is an acid comedy.

This 60-minute long movie follows the guidelines of the film project #littlesecretfilm. This project is an initiative of Pablo Maqueda and Haizea G. Viana, and is inspired by the US mumblecore movement that appeared in the mid-2000s promoted by young directors such as Andrew Bujalski (Funny Ha Ha, 2002) and the Duplass brothers (The Puffy Chair, 2005). The mumblecore movement is defined by its small budgets and a rudimentary way of filming where stories and characters are given priority over film techniques. The #littlesecretfilm project, by following a manifesto, also brings to mind the classic Dogma 95 that was born in Denmark in the 90s and that influenced the filmmaking of a great number of directors both in Europe and abroad.

Following the rules of the #littlesecretfilm manifesto, Chema García Ibarra produced Uranes with a minimum budget that was covered entirely by the director. The film didn’t count with a defined script and had a reduced filming team. The only unlimited resources are the imagination and creativity of the film’s director, which radiate throughout the film.

Uranes (Chema García Ibarra, 2013)

Chema García Ibarra (Elche, Spain, 1980) graduated in Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Alicante. His first short-film was El ataque de los robots de Nebulosa 5 (2008). This film became one of the most awarded productions of the following year, 2009, having received more than 110 awards and having been selected in over 400 festivals around the world including the Director’s Fortnight at Cannes, Sundance, Chicago Film Festival and the Austin Fantastic Fest. In 2010 he directed Protopartículas, which received an Honorary Mention at Sundance. It was also listed as one of the best of the year in the magazine Cahiers du Cinema España.

Uranes has already participated in the Festival de Cinema D’Autor (Barcelona, 2014) and the BAFICI (Buenos Aires, 2014) and now the strange egg-shaped objects are released at the International Medium-length Film Festival La Cabina that will take place in November at the Filmoteca de Valencia.

URANES | Chema García Ibarra · Spain · 2013 · 60 min