France / 2020 / 35 min / Color



Diogenia rises from her grave after 2,000 years. Back on earth in Morlaix, her home town, she tells humans who have soiled the planet a few hard truths about themselves before leaving for Venus with the help of a fisherman-archer and a space-travelli


Brigitte Fontaine

Tuesday 17 – 18:00 H
La Filmoteca

Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kervern

Benoît Delépine is a French comedian and film director; He is famous for his satirical activities on Canal +, where he has directed ‘Guignols de l’info’ for years. Gustave Kervern is an actor, director and screenwriter, whose directing and acting work with Delépine has led them to be recognized at festivals such as Sundance or the Berlinale.

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