France / 2020 / 54 min / Color


Out in the suburbs around Paris, a specialized teacher, Josiane, is taking care of five children who are failing at school. In this space, they share their fears, joys and sufferings at school. In session do not disturb introduces us to their world while they learn how to learn.

Directed by: Simon P.R. Bewick.

Editors: Félix Rehm, David Jungman.

Music: Damien Deshayes.

Executive producer: Adonis Liranza.

Sound: Antonin Dalmasso.

Mixer: Antonin Dalmasso.

Saturday 13 – 20:30 H
La Nau

Simon P.R. Bewick

Born of a French father and a British mother, Simon P. R. Bewick writes and direct documentaries. His first documentary “School failure, my mother and I” foreshadows his work to come: an inner reflection on childhood, its joy, wanderings and difficulties. Simon P. R. Bewick can be seen acting in the films of Pierre Léon and Pascal Cervo. He now spends his time producing and directing documentaries, translating for the cinema and writing.

Frames In Session, Do Not Disturb

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