Romania / 2010 / 40 min / Color

During the communist dictatorship of Romania (1945-1989), thousands of people risked their lives trying to leave the country. Desperation drove them to invent the most incredible ways of crossing the border illegally. “Oxygen” is inspired by one of these real stories: a man who tried to cross the Danube River illegally with an oxygen tube. Mixing fiction and archive materials, this disturbing film portrays the inner journey of a man towards a healing future.

Directed: Adina Pintilie

Scrip: Adina Pintilie

Music: Marius Galea, Cristian Lolea

Photography: Marius Iacob

Cast: Cezar Antal, Adriana Mocca, Gabriel Spahiu, Rudi Rosenfeld

Wednesday 16 – 18:00 H
La Filmoteca

Frames Oxygen

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