France / 2020 / 30 min / Color


At the Lobis, a lonely working-class cinema and bar, the evening sessions are slowly dying out. Claude, now in his fifties, puts all of his efforts to ensure the survival of the place and to prevent it from fading into the gloomy urban landscape. Because, in this small French town with less than 20,000 inhabitants, the cinema is one of the only places that stays open after 10 p.m…

Directed by: David Da Costa.

Casting: Philippe Polet, Aurélien Gabrielli, Ambre Pietri, France Darry, Delphine Chuillot.

Saturday 13 – 18:00 H
La Filmoteca

David Da Costa

Trained at the ETIC graphic arts school, and after brief periods at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Belgium and at PARTIZAN Paris as a technician, David Da Costa created in 2006 a production association which would become Plan Libre. It brings together directors and technicians from Loiret who share the desire to make films on a collective production method, more flexible and more anchored in its territory. After a web series made in guerrilla cinema and a few low-budget documentaries, he directed his first professionnal short film in 2017.

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