The Wheel

Mongolia / 2020 / 52 min / Color


What causes the descendants of invincible horseback warriors of Mongolia to end their lives? Suicide survivors and family members of those who have taken their lives relate their circumstances. Many don’t wish to be identifiable in the film: suicide is a taboo. The stories come from different parts of the country, but everywhere the reasons given for suicide are similar: hopelessness, loneliness, harshness of life and lack of choices. In public, people blame the corrupt government, robbing people of opportunities. The living conditions of a couple that survives due to digging for scrap metal symbolizes the state of the nation. If they sell the scrap iron, they’ll have just enough money to buy food for a few days. It’s an existence far removed from the freedoms of traditional nomadic life.

Director: Nomin Lkhagvasuren

Production: Nomin Lkhagvasuren for BAL FIlms

Photography: Batbileg Zoljargal

Editing: Ikhbayar Urchuud

Sound Design: Batkhuu Gankhuu

Music: Shinetsog Geni Dorjnyam

Friday 12 – 20:30 H

La Nau

Nomin Lkhagvasuren

Frames The Wheel

The Wheel

Program 2021

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