France / 2022 / 30 min / Color


Etel, a 9-year-old girl who lives in the Hassidic community of Paris, gets her period for the first time. Myriam, her mother, finally looks at her as if she were a woman. Etel feels blessed, until she finds out that, in her religion, women are considered impure when they have their period.

Directed by: Stéphanie Halfon

Starring: Lou Bennett, Zineb Triki, Carla Besnaïnou, Olivia Côte

Thursday 10 – 19:30 H
La Filmoteca

Stéphanie Halfon

Stéphanie grew up in Rome in a traditionalist Sephardic family. She studied in Paris, where she began her career in film production, being in charge of developing and supporting screenwriters and directors in the creation of her feature films. After a first self-produced film acquired by OCS, “Les Vertueuses” is her first short film produced by her.

Frames Women of Virtue

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