Netherlands / 2022 / 45 min / Color


Delilah (17) and Melanie (17) have been best friends all their lives. Melanie is everything that Delilah would like to be and vice versa. Constantly finding balance on a tightrope of mutual jealousy and deep admiration, the girls are now nearing adulthood and a time of painful separation is dawning. Delilah has big dreams for the future. Melanie is unable to envision any future. Although Melanie’s depression seemed more like a joke than an illness during their adolescence, it is now seriously affecting both girls’ lives. Delilah decides to save Melanie from this invisible enemy.

– Nederlands Film Festival (2022)

Direction: Amira Duynhouwer

Starring: Sara Afiba, Alisa Bloemendaal, Arjan van Hesteren y Samora Bergtop

Sunday 13 21:00 H
La Filmoteca

Amira Duynhouwer

Amira Duynhouwerd graduated from the Dutch Film Academy as a screenwriter in 2019 while making “Kimya” she realized that she wanted to be a director. After two short films, she has written and directed “Save it” and is currently developing her first feature film “The Daryah” with producer Studio Ruba.

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