Belgium / 2020 / 51 min / Color


Khavaj, a promising young Mixed Martial Arts fighter, flees Chechnya when his brother discovers his homosexuality and intends to kill him, pressured by the persecutors of the Kadyrov regime. Khavaj arrives in Brussels and is struck dumb by the shock of exile. The only link he maintains with his country are the audio messages his mother sends. This documentary depicts Khavaj’s first months in Belgium, where he lives anonymously to escape the Chechens and where he will try to build himself a new identity.

Directed by: Reka Valerik

Sunday 13 – 19:30 H
La Nau

Reka Valerik

Reka Valerik is a Chechen director living in Europe. For security reasons, his identity cannot be revealed. Therefore, we cannot provide any information about his biography or filmography.

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