Versonautas en Visuals



Visuals is a fundamental section of La Cabina. The festival is once again a point of reference in the meeting of different artistic disciplines by combining live music with audiovisual projections. In 2021, Visuals is part of the closing gala of La Cabina with the live performance of Versonautas with their show Astro Azul.

VERSONAUTAS starts from the constant search for a hybrid language and is found on the margins of artistic disciplines such as oral poetry, stage poetry, music, performance and theater.

His creative reason is based on finding a voice that reveals the common concerns in an increasingly diverse society, providing a space for reflection and understanding art as a poetic act in which images or metaphors are symbols that stimulate free thought. .

Astro Azul is a text made into music, it is an intimate catharsis, it is a ceremony invented through verse-psychedelia, sound experimentation, spoken song, electronics and performance. Astro Azul presents two characters on stage who reflect on that constant origin to which we find ourselves thrown as individuals. His personal stories are interspersed with his artistic relationship and his creative concerns. Together they meditate on the beginning of life and the paradigm changes, understood as small deaths that give us the possibility of being reborn in life, giving way to a new essence of who we are.