Margarita Quebrada in Visuals



Visuals is a fundamental section of La Cabina. Visuals, which combines music and visuals. The group Margarita Quebrada will be the one to put the finishing touch to 10 days of international cinema of between 30 and 60 minutes and will be their first date in Valencia for the tour of their next album ‘Gas Lágrima’.

Margarita Quebrada was born with the firm intention of pursuing sounds based on the 80s, which she then transforms and updates by giving her own imprint. Formed by Nacho López, Mikel Cabanes and Guillermo Juan Montesinos “Vesse”, the band was named “Emerging Artist 2020” by listeners of Radio 3’s Disco Grande program.

“Gas Lágrima” is the album with which the band intends to take the way they conceive their project musically and aesthetically even further. It is made up of ten songs where they experiment and transform the sound they brought from “Luces”, their first mini LP, sold out in less than a year. The album is defined by a range of chaotic and melodramatic synthesizers bathed in dark environments and generational pop lyrics, influenced by experimental electronics and witch house. The album has different collaborations at the production level and some ‘feats’ with artists from the emerging scene.