Carne Cruda in La Cabina

Thursday – November 12, 20:00 La Mutant.

One more time, Carne Cruda returns to València for a new edition of La Cabina. The project directed and presented by journalist Javier Gallego has long been one of the freshest, most influential and independent on the country’s radio scene. In addition, the program will feature a live performance by Futuro Terror and Patricia Sornosa, among others.

Gallego and his team will participate in the La Cabina parallel activities next Thursday, November 12 at 20:00 in La Mutant.

Free entrance. Limited capacity.

Special screening: SPARK

Thursday – November 19, 12:30 La Mutant.

Alejandro Morala Girón

Elsa Moreno, Francesc Romeu Ferrer, Hugo Correcher, Aurora García, Elena M. González, Luis Vissiedo.
Spain · 2020 · 44’

Milán is going through a critical moment in his love affair with Colette. Trying not to lose her, he wants to write her a poem. He will need Marga, a young writer willing to write it for him. The story of Noel is added: he’s a Marga’s friend who is obsessed with taking the perfect photo, capturing what he calls the “spark”.

‘Spark’ is a three-part medium-length film about the complexity of love relationships as well as youth, art and idealization.

Free entrance, until capacity is completed.

Programme 2020

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