Four friends organize a trip to a massive music festival in the countryside. At the access gates the tension grows and chaos breaks out, affecting those waiting at the door. One of the four friends is already inside, oblivious to what it happening outsite while the festival’s security guards are unable to control the situation. When a catastrophe happens, all those present will be pinned a role: heroe, victim or villian. In Bowy is inside the guilt of each of the main characters is examined, although they are all victims of the situation.

This story inevitably reminds us of the tragical incident that took place in the Love Parade in Germany in 2010 or the Madrid Arena accident of 2012, making us watch a similar situation. The film offers a dual view between the action that develops during the festival, built through flash-backs, and the ensuing interviews taken from several witnesses, including the security guards, that feel guilty about what has happened. Bowy, the friend that managed to get into the festival and wasn’t aware of what was happening outside has been stigmatized, as if he were ultimately responsible for the events.

Aniëlle Webster studied in the University of Amsterdam and got a degree in Audiovisual Art and Film Direction. She has directed advertisements and musical videos while working as an assistant director in films like De geheimen van Barslet, by Boris Paval Conen and De Hosselaar, by Remy van Heugten. Previous to Bowy is inside, Webster had directed short films Even (2010) and Arigato (2012). Bowy is inside was selected for the latest edition of the Nederlands Film Festival.

Bowy is inside has been selected to be part of the Official Section of the 6th Edition of the International Half-Length Film Festival La Cabina, that will be taking place in Valencia, from the 8th to the 17th of November, 2013.

BOWY IS INSIDE  | Aniëlle Webster · Netherlands · 2012 · 48 min