Maurice is a tiger-penguin that lives his beastly life in a jungle when two emissaries of the South Pole arrive. They have been guided there to ask the “Great Tiger Warrior” to liberate their people from the evil walruses. Maurice agrees to do so and creates a commando with his jungle friends.

In the South Pole, the walruses are spreading chaos stealing the penguin eggs. Maurice and his crew manage to elaborate a combat plan to confront the walruses in a great final battle.

Les as de la jungle originated as a TV series, each episode two minutes long. However, directors David Alaux and Eric Tosti, decided to unite the episodes and build this 52 minute long animation film. Although it might seem to be produced for children, adults can also enjoy Maurice and his crew’s adventures.

David Alaux and Eric Tosti became known as a creative duo with short animation films Mon copain (1999), Le voeu (2002), Au pays du Père Noël (2008) and Spike (2009). They both produced Catherine Aira’s La petite fille aux os brises and were in charge of the editing of short-film Of Mirabella, by Pierre-Adrien Lecerf in 2005.

The kids of the family will be able to see Les as de la jungle in the 6th edition of the International Half-Length Film Festival La Cabina. The Festival will take place from the 8th to the 17th of November in Valencia.

LES AS DE LA JUNGLE | David Alaux / Eric Tosti France · 2013 · 52 min

La tropa de la selva / Les as de la jungle (David Alaux y Éric Tosti, 2013) from Festival La Cabina on Vimeo.