Be sorry for the others
Who fidget complain
Who constantly rearrange their lives
Like furniture.
(C. B.)

Janusz, the main character of this 30-minute film, works in a furniture shop. One day, when he is trying to show the clients the quality of some pillows, one of them is destroyed after he hits it against a bed. It’s the first accident that has happened in the company in a long time and Janusz, that had been awaiting a promotion, is overwhelmed by the circumstances.

Magma (Paweł Maślona, 2013)

Janusz’s family is boring and bland and he seems to be consumed by tediousness and monotony. When his birthday arrives, his wife organizes a surprise party in which Janusz has the least amount of fun. His life is a waste.

Paweł Maślona, the young director of this acid comedy, is able to fuse the furniture shop with Janusz’s home, and his clients with his family, creating an interesting confusion in the spectator. Maślona has directed two short-films previous to Magma, Tylko dla oblakanych and Zacmienie, both released in 2010.

Magma is part of the Official Section of the 7th Edition of the International Medium-Length Film Festival La Cabina that will be taking place during the month of November in Valencia.

MAGMA | Paweł Maślona • Black comedy • Poland • 2013 • 31 min