Videoboy is a free adaptation of the story of this same title by Norwegian writer Tore Renberg. The story takes place in the late 80s and narrates how the friendship between two thirteen-year old kids, Hasse and Paol, is tested when they accept to visit Jan Inge, a strange adolescent that is famous for his video collection. Jan Inge’s house is sickly and gloomy, and it’s there, in a dark room, where he hides his treasure: terror movies, snuff movies or pornography form the sinister archive that he owns.

Like in the cave that appears at the beginning of the movie, Hasse and Paol will enter Inge’s dungeon where everything is allowed. It’s a sinister initiatic process, where both kids submit their decisions to Jan Inge’s dictatorship, who also hides a dark secret in one of the house’s rooms.

Videoboy (Stian Kristiansen, 2012)

Videoboys’ director, Stian Kristiansen, studied direction and productions in the University of Stavanger before being accepted into the Norwegian Film School. He worked as an actor during his adolescence in movies such as Benny (1998) and Mongoland (2001). He directed several short films between 1999 and 2006. In 2008 he filmed his first feature film, The man who loved Yngve, that won four Norwegian Amandas, analogous to the Spanish Goya Awards.  .

Videoboy comes from Norway to the International Half-Length Film Festival La Cabina. This half-length film is part of the Official Selection of its 6th Edition that will be celebrated in Valencia from the 8th to the 17th of November.

VIDEOBOY OR THE LOST MAGIC OF VHS | Stian Kristiansen · Norway · 2011 · 33 min