Valentin, Son Of Europe

Italy / 2020 / 55 min / Color

Valentin is a 25-year-old Romanian man who was adopted by a Belgian family at the age of 16. A few months ago, he recognized himself in a documentary film that was shot when he was a homeless child living in the streets and sewers of Bucharest. Together with filmmaker Antonio Martino, Valentin explores his unlikely journey from being a homeless boy in Bucharest to the comfort and safety of middle class Belgium. Valentin, Son of Europe is a tale of social redemption, and a metaphor for the fate of Romania 30 years after the fall of Ceaușescu.

Director: Antonio Martino

Producers: Valeria Correale, Ségolène Fossard, Caroline Houben, Olivier Rausin

Writer: Antonio Martino, Giovanni Galavotti and Nabil Philippe Jandaly

Director of Photography: Paolo Panzera, Antonio Martino and Valentin Summa

Editor: Felice d’Agostino, Letizia Caudullo and Antonio Martino

Sound: Ludovic Van Pachterbeke, Cosmas Antoniadis and Fabrice Osinski

Production manager: Valeria Correale, Youcef Koliaï and Guillaume Martin

Postproduction: Ludovic Fossard and Yann Varenne

Music: Jan Maio

Saturday 13 – 18:00 H

La Nau

Antonio Martino

Antonio Martino was born in a small village in Calabria in 1977. After high school he graduated in Cinema Studies at the University of Bologna in 2003. In 2006, using a small handled camera, he shot his first documentary: “Gara de Nord_copii pe strada”, about the story of some street children living near the main train station in Bucharest. In 2007 he received the prestigious Ilaria Alpi award. In 2010 he co-founded the Bo Film production company. His passion for documentary films comes from the need to tell stories about humans being and the environment in which they live and the deep changes they are involved in. Moreover, thanks to the digital revolution that took place in the movie business, the light equipment allowed him to travel and film in very extreme places such as Syria Libya, Uzbekistan, Turkey.

The stories he chooses to shoot deal with environmental, social and political issues. His last documentary is titled “The black sheep” and was shot in Libya. It tells the story of Ausman who has fought for the Libyan revolution, even been a pacifist, as he was convinced to fight for freedom, democracy and respect of the secular thought. Nothing went as he thought: violence and religious extremism are spreading more and more everyday. Today he feels as a stranger in his country.

Antonio Martino

Frames Valentin, Son Of Europe

Valentin, Son Of Europe
Valentin, Son Of Europe
Valentin, Son Of Europe
Valentin, Son Of Europe

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